Department of Science consists of three individual departments, they are Chemistry, Botany and Zoology. All these departments have unique features like well qualified and experienced faculty members, well equipped laboratories, and rich departmental libraries. Each department offers Undergraduate (B.Sc.) and Postgraduate (M.Sc.) programs. The Department offers a vibrant atmosphere to students and faculty to nurture the spirit of scientific inquiry and to pursue cutting-edge exploration in a highly encouraging environment.

Department of Zoology

UG: The Department offers three years Undergraduate program with a comprehensive teaching curriculum to inculcate analytical abilities among students. Also, Faculties are committed to educating the students beyond the confines of a classroom to make them better individuals and develop their personalities, enabling them to face the challenges of the modern world.

PG: The Department offers two years Postgraduate program (M.Sc.) to provide substantial opportunities for interactive learning and exposure to research. The department regularly organizes educational trips, excursions to wildlife sanctuaries and national parks, science fest, Guest lectures, scientific meetings, seminars, webinars, etc. The pedagogy of department focuses on basic and applied fields of Zoology, assistance with demonstrations, models, videos, etc.

Department of Botany

UG: The botany department offers Undergraduate degree courses, based on the concept of the unique Threefold education comprising practical (fieldwork) intellectual, moral aspects to develop an integrated and balanced personality of the students. The Department is committed to functioning as the centre of excellence to disseminate the importance of plant in sustaining the earth and to understand the diversity, development and functioning to conserve and coexist with nature. Also to bestow the students with a basic applied understanding of the subject through innovative teaching and research to enhance thinking and developing new ideas.

PG: Department offers Postgraduate Program M.Sc. with main specialization in Advanced Plant Pathology and Advanced Physiology to acquire in-depth knowledge in any activity requiring Botanical Expertise. It organizes Educational Trips, Excursions, Seminars, Webinars, Exhibitions, Conferences, etc. A Botanical Garden on the college campus with wide varieties of Medicinal and other plants to enhance the practical knowledge of the students is also developed. Some other plants are planted for further contribution to the beauty of the Garden.

Department of Chemistry

UG: The Department of Chemistry intended to provide quality education to Girl Students interested in the field of Science and Chemistry. The Department offers core courses in chemistry for Undergraduate B.Sc. Students. The department not only try to deliver the best possible Theoretical Education but also to make them competent in Practical Knowledge with Exceptional Lab Facilities.

PG: In addition, department of chemistry offers two years postgraduate program M.Sc. in chemistry. In the M.Sc. final, students have the choice to opt specialization subjects between organic and physical Chemistry. The department offers a rich departmental library to afford books of UG and PG courses for the students in need. Department organizes various extracurricular activities like scientific meetings, seminars, webinars, science exhibition, etc. time to time to encourage students to participate for achieving meaningful insights into the current research going on in the field of science.