Department of Science has well equipped, organized, spacious, and clean six laboratories. There is two labs to conduct practical for each department i.e., chemistry, botany and zoology. Each lab has sufficient number of equipment and facilities.

Rules for Students to be followed in the Lab:

  • Do not work unsupervised in the lab.
  • Do not eat or drink in the lab.
  • Do not perform unauthorized experiments. 
  • Never leave a flame unattended.
  • Never taste or directly smell any substance.
  • All students must wear a lab coat at time of practical.
  • Notify the instructor immediately in case of any accident.

Chemistry Lab

Chemistry laboratory is a place where students either are extremely playful or very scared of using chemicals. VKM has state-of-the-art Chemistry lab that lets students assembled it your inquisitiveness by moving them in the correct direction. College has two labs for chemistry practical one lab is to conduct inorganic and organic chemistry practical and the other one is for physical chemistry. Both labs are enriched with sufficient amounts of chemicals, glass wares, equipments, distillation assembly, pH meter, spectrophotometer, UV spectrometer, computer, projector, and many more required machineries. The design of the labs are well planned to be fire resistant and handle any type of calamity. Our labs with advanced equipments and facilities aid and stimulate the students to learn best with practical knowledge which empowers them with better conception and moves their curiosity in the correct direction.

Botany Lab

The Botany laboratory at VKM is well furnished and equipped with latest equipment to facilitate learning by perceiving, executing and comprehending. Both the labs are designed as per standards and the windows and environmental friendly lighting are especially planned, keeping in mind visibility. The Departmental laboratories are well organized structurally with modern equipment having varieties of specimen and museum. They are well equipped with compound and Dissecting microscopes enough for each student to individually use it. Besides this the laboratory has anemometer, psychomotor, luxmeter, Soil Thermometer, pH meter, spectrophotometer, photometer, computer, laminar air-flow, autoclave hi-speed centrifuge and microtome for specific experiments for UG and PG level. The best of modern technologies is used to support the intellectual curiosity of the students and faculty and to bestow best laboratory experience.

Zoology Lab

The college has two spacious internet equipped Zoology laboratories to conduct practicals in basic Zoology. Moreover, the laboratories have all the essential infrastructure and equipments to conduct practical’s in the field of Molecular Biology, Biotechnology, Ecology, Bioinformatics etc. In addition to the laboratory there is a large Museum well stocked with invertebrate and vertebrate specimens for practical knowledge at UG and PG level. Zoology labs are providing basic and advance knowledge about the animals by morphological, physiological and anatomical aspects (by dissection). 

Botanical Garden

College has also facilitated the Students with a lush green “BOTANICAL GARDEN” having number of flourishing Herbs and Medicinal Plants which increases the beauty of the college campus. Educational experiences in botanical gardens can lead to the development of practical skills.

“A garden is a grand teacher. It teaches patience and careful watchfulness; it teaches industry and thrift; above all it teaches entire trust.”